Makers of Fine Furniture

I am a Furniture designer and maker of original pieces characterized by their organic use of the natural lines and grain of wood, nature, form & spirit, and am committed to providing quality products of unique design. I will not hesitate mixing materials such as wood, glass, metals, stone and leather to add further interest to the finished item, whilst ensuring it remains totally functional.

I am driven toward a design not only through ecology but also imagination, for example, a flower may be incorporated into a design, is formed by lines and shapes simply of my own creation, regardless of any particular species of plant .

I am happy to work on private and corporate one off commissions or small batch production, distance is of no object.

I hope you enjoy looking at my galleries and if you have any questions or interest in my work please don't hesitate to contact me.

Peter Mundell.

Peter Mundell

Pter Mundell